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You may or may not know, but there are multiple ways to preserve your freshly harvested peppers.  In this post, we will only be covering one of those methods.  That is freezing the peppers.

This is especially helpful when you have an over-abundance that you may not use before they start to go bad.  Now, freezing is one of my favorite methods of preservation.  It keeps the peppers almost as fresh as the day they are picked for quite some time.  All that’s needed is a quick thaw to get them right where you started.

So, you are out in your garden and you bring back something that looks like this:

Since you probably already have a refrigerator full of peppers, you are going to want to find a way of preserving them.  First things first, you are going to want rinse your chile’s off very well.  You should already be doing this by now, but if you haven’t been then you should start.  This will rinse off all the dirt and particles of whatever that may have built up during the growing season.  After you rinse thoroughly, let them dry.

Grab a sharp knife and cut the stem off of each pepper right at the shoulder.  You should cut the pepper just enough to get the stem and expose some of the inner flesh.  Like this:

Once you have done that, just stick the pepper (seeds, flesh and all) inside any size freezer Zip Lock style bag that accommodates your needs.  Your peppers should look similar to this:

All you have to do now is seal your bag and stick them in your freezer.   When more peppers come, just do the same thing and add to the same bag. You will want to keep each strain in its own bag.  Also, you will want to label the bags with the strain and date.  The peppers will keep this way for around a year or so.

If you are like me then this here will soon start to add up:

When you are ready to use them, simply take them out and leave at room temperature.  Thawing is quick and usually takes just under 20 minutes. 

Good Luck!

The Pepper Freak


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So I haven’t posted in a while.  All of my chile’s are doing wonderful.  I’ve harvested around 20-30 Bhut Jolokia’s, 15 Turkish Cayenne, and multiple banana peppers.  The drip irrigation system is one of the greatest things I’ve ever purchased.  It works like a charm.

The 2 tabasco plants I moved outside have around 100 peppers on them looking good.  I just recently purchased a fermentation bucket with an airlock so I can make my own homemade tabasco sauce.  I plan on using more than just tabasco peppers in it and I plan on aging it around 6 months.

I will have a pictorial on that as well as one on Bhut Jolokia Vodka, Chile Brownies and a whole tutorial on freezing and drying.

For now, here are just a few photos from the last few months.

Fluorescent Purple:

Bolivian Rainbow:

Hot Banana:

Small Bhut Jolokia peppers:

Turkish Cayenne Getting bigger:

Yes I know, I am getting behind on my weeding. Way behind! :

Small Tabasco peppers:

Ripe Bhut Jolokia:

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So I decided to change my setup slightly.  I took away the Compact fluorescents and added tubes.  The light didn’t spread out enough with the CFL’s and the tubes allow me to hover the light 2 inches above the foliage. So, no more stretching sideways to reach the light…

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It’s amazing to me how beautiful Chile plants can get, and how much different Chile plants look as they start to get bigger.  When all the genes start kicking in, the plant turns to different shapes, sizes and colors.  Here is just a few photos of different varieties of the Chiles I have started growing this year.

Pepper Joe’s Long Slim Red:

Fluorescent Purple Chile (This one is really cool)

Atomic Starfish:

Bolivian Rainbow :

Bhut Jolokia :

Tabasco Pepper : These are much smaller than any other variety I grow

Peter Pepper :

Turkish Cayenne :

They are looking great.  Some of the browning tips are from the change I made to their climate.  They got to tall to be under the humidity hood, so I removed it.  I didn’t really harden them off to this and it was kind of a shock for them.  This was a lot worse but they are coming back just fine.

More tomorrow,

The Pepper Freak

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