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Ah, the 2012 Chile pepper season is almost upon us.  I am getting very excited this year as I will be growing all new strains that I have never worked with.  I’ve collected over 20 varieties of seeds over the winter and have a pretty good idea of what I want to grow.  I will not be growing Bhut Jolokia this season.  Instead, I have decided to grow the Buth “T” Trinidad Scorpion variety that I acquired from Pepper Joe @ Pepperjoe.com.  This pepper originated in Trinidad and Tobago.  The seeds were propagated by Butch Taylor hence where this pepper got it’s name.  The pepper tested by the Guinness book of world records was grown by Marcel de Wit of the Chilli Factory in Morisett, Australia.   This pepper not only packs one of the hottest punches known to man, the flavor I heard is irresistable.

I will also be using 5 gallon containers again.  The drip system was more of a pain than anything I have ever dealt with in gardening.  I will be using the same timer and install sprinklers or sprayers instead of the drip.  This should solve all of the problems I had with the drip system.

The seeds will be started the usual way in peat pellets under a humidity dome with a heat mat.  They will then be transplanted to 4 gallon pots under a 400 Watt HID light.

More later.

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